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 Tutorial TeamSpeak 3 - English Version

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MensagemAssunto: Tutorial TeamSpeak 3 - English Version   27/6/2011, 20:14

Utility to communicate with voice in games, allowing players to chat while playing. Excellent for those who usually play in teams, or simply as extra fun.

TeamSpeak 3 has 2 versions 32bits and 64bits, to see which version of Windows is installed on your PC click the right button on the Computer.

If you use Windows XP 32bit download version.

Download TeamSpeak 3 >

IP Address:
or by IP:


Tutorial TeamSpeak 3 - English Version - Initial Configuration

After open the TeamSpeak click on Connections and then Connect, put in the IP or servername in Server Address and put your Nickname, now click in Connect.

Tutorial TeamSpeak 3 - Using a Privilege Key

With a Privilege Key you will have access to TeamSpeak, now let's learn how to use a Privilege Key

Connect to TeamSpeak and click Permissions and then Use Privilege Key.

[b]He opened a small window where you should put the Privilege Key and click OK, now you can use all the rooms of TeamSpeak.

Tutorial TeamSpeak 3 - English Version - Configuring Microphone, Headphone or Speakers Volume

Now let's set the volume of TeamSpeak 3 go to Settings and then Options, If you use more than one sound output can select which to use in Playback Device, the volume should be increased if necessary in Voice Volume Adjustment, increase the Decibel until it finds the ideal volume.
Please do not use very high volume to avoid damaging your hearing.

Now let's set the microphone, go to Settings and then Options click on Capture Device select the device you want to use if you have more than one installed on your PC.
If you want to press any key select Push-to-Talk button and choose to use.
If you choose Voice Activation Detection set the bar through the detection level of your voice by TeamSpeak and recommended to have another friend in the same room and ask him if the volume is at an acceptable level.

Tutorial TeamSpeak 3 - English Version - Adding a picture to your Avatar

In TeamSpeak 3 is possible to add an avatar (picture) as used in forums, the picture should have a maximum size of 300x300 pixels.
Click on your nick with the right button and click Set Avatar select the folder that contains an image and go.

Tutorial TeamSpeak 3 - English Version - Set a Key to mute the microphone

Let us set up a key to execute a command without having to go to the TeamSpeak, go to Settings and then Options in Hotkeys click ADD select a key to be used to mute the microphone, you can set a key as you wish.

Tutorial TeamSpeak 3 - English Version - Reduce the ECO, Auto Volume Control

Now I'll show how to configure your TeamSpeak to lower the overall volume when you are on one channel and others are talking in this way avoids the famous "ECO"very annoying. Basically with this plugin enabled if you are playing it will automatically lower the volume of the game so you can hear better and helps reduce the echo effect.
With the TeamSpeak open go to Settings and click Plugins.

Continuing, he opened the window of your plugins go to the Plugin Volume Control and enable it, now click Settings

Set the level of reduction in the volume by moving the bar Volume Suppresion Rate the higher the percentage the lower the volume, in my case I use 30% but you should try to find a value that is pleasant.

When the volume down and it takes some time to return to normal, to set this time to increase or decrease in the second option Delay to retrive original volume, if you leave as the image within 2 seconds, its volume will return to the maximum level, but if someone speaks TeamSpeak lower the volume.

You can also leave the option enabled Suprees volume while you are speaking so when you talk the volume will decrease, this option is recommended for anyone using the speakers with the volume too high, and talking in TeamSpeak ends up creating a very uncomfortable ECO to other users.

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Tutorial TeamSpeak 3 - English Version

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